Rehabilitation is the process of recovering mobility following an operation or accident.

Common orthopaedic operations and injuries include:
• Hip operations (prosthetic hip THP)
• Knee operations (prosthetic knee TKP, anterior cruciate ligament/meniscus/keyhole surgery)
• Shoulder operations
• Broken bones
• Injuries to joints, ligaments and muscles

The rehabilitation period generally begins immediately after discharge from hospital. If you have undergone an operation, it is important to begin exercises as quickly as possible.

Targeted exercise can reduce pain, and can increase carrying capacity, coordination, stamina and muscle strength. This helps you recover the functions that you require during daily life. We work with exercise programmes that can be followed at home easily.

Do you know the date of your operation in advance? Then please contact the practice as soon as the date is known. This will allow us to start treatment immediately after the operation or cast period.

If you are unable to visit the practice, we can visit you at home.