Psychosomatic physiotherapy

What does the psychosomatic physiotherapist do?
The psychosomatic physiotherapist treats people with complaints involving posture and the locomotive system, such as:

  • Chronic pain or complaints that persist for long periods
  • Unexplained complaints
  • Depression and/or anxiety disorders
  • Burn-outs

Body and mind, an inseparable duo
When health complaints with no clear physical cause are experienced, it is often assumed that the cause is a mental disorder – despite the fact that there are clear physical symptoms. Many people are confused by this and visit several different doctors in the hope of finding an answer, often without a satisfactory result. In such situations, a psychosomatic physiotherapist can have a major impact.

Specialist in the treatment of psychosomatic complaints
Registered psychosomatic physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of complaints related to stress, and complaints such as pain and fatigue for which no clear physical cause can be found. This often means that patients are experiencing “psychosomatic complaints”: physical complaints where mental and social factors play a role. In contrast to “regular” physiotherapists, psychosomatic physiotherapists pay attention to the mental as well as the physical aspects affecting the health of patients. It often turns out that there is an imbalance between the load placed on the body and its ability to bear that load, and between effort and relaxation. The psychosomatic physiotherapist can help the client regain that balance using methods such as exercises.

Intake discussion: load and capacity
We begin by mapping your physical and mental problems. We also examine whether there is an imbalance between load and capacity. Once this has become clear, we can prepare a treatment plan that will allow you to regain this balance.

The programme of physiotherapy may consist of:
• Helping you understand the origin and consequences of the problem
• Learning to relax (Autogenic Training, Jacobson)
• Breathing and self-awareness exercises
• Recognising and respecting physical and mental boundaries
• Gaining confidence in bodily functions

At Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt, Nanna de Waele and Tanja Lith specialise in Psychosomatic Physiotherapy. To make an appointment, please contact the practice.

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