ParkinsonNet has one goal: to guarantee you the best care if you suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.

Gertrud Pijnenburg is a member of this network.

In the Amsterdam network, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other paramedical professionals work together at stadsdeel (district) level. The department of neurology at the OLVG Oost/West hospitals is the most important partner. At national level, the network is coordinated by Radboud University Hospital in Nijmegen under the leadership of Prof Bastiaan Bloem and Dr Marten Munneke.

Key points:

  1. The patient is a partner in the decision-making process
  2. The patient’s quality of life is paramount
  3. Dialogue keeps professionals alert
  4. Continuing education is compulsory
  5. Physiotherapy in accordance with the up-to-date European Directive

By choosing ParkinsonNet, you choose better Parkinson’s care. You can rely on professionals who support one another in caring for you as their patient.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please use theĀ contact form.