Home care therapy

Are you unable to visit the practice yourself? Then we can come to your home.

We are able to visit you at home if you live in the centre of Amsterdam. If you live elsewhere, then we can also visit you for short treatment programmes of no more than four visits, subject to discussion.

When is home treatment necessary?

  • You are discharged from hospital and must rehabilitate, for example after an operation, but leaving home is difficult or impossible.
  • Your independence at home is reduced: e.g. climbing stairs is difficult, or you can no longer do groceries.
  • You require fall prevention and/or fall training.
  • You require palliative care. This includes pain relief, preserving mobility or advice about shortness of breath/anxiety.
  • You require support from informal carers or home help.
  • You suffer from a muscular disease (e.g. MS or ALS).

Home care always requires a referral from a doctor.

We work in partnership with your GP, ergotherapists and home help organisations such as Buurtzorg Nederland.