Fall prevention

The number of fall incidents involving older people is increasing every year. (fall incidents = a fall caused by an unintentional change in posture, or an uncontrolled and undirected event, which causes the person to fall on the floor). 30% of those over 65 and living at home fall at least once annually. This leads to injuries (from bruises to fractures) that necessitate hospitalisation. In addition, older people who have experienced a fall may become afraid of falling again. This can lead them to become less active and to become more insecure when moving, which can make it more and more difficult to function independently.

The programme consists of leg muscle exercises of increasing difficulty, balance exercises and a walking programme. If you walk with a walking aid, this is not a problem. During the first home visit, the physiotherapist will perform a screening. This will determine your risk of falling. We do so by completing a questionnaire with you, and performing a few tests. This allows us to understand your condition and your level of mobility better. We also examine the possible risk factors in your home. We can offer advice about these.

During the following seven home visits, the exercises are individually adjusted to your situation and will increase in difficulty. In addition to the home visits, we also maintain contact by telephone.

If you have a supplementary health insurance policy, the costs of this exercise programme as part of the physiotherapy treatment will be passed on to your health insurer. It is advisable to seek a referral from your GP, as not all health insurers currently cover the cost of home treatment without a referral.

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