Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt is a physiotherapy practice where experienced, specialised physiotherapists work together. The combined expertise of Gertrud Pijnenburg and Tanja Lith allows us to offer a broad range of solutions for your physical problems.

Gertrud Pijnenburg

Gertrud stops treating, but remains active behind the scenes.
Friday, November 4 is the last day I will treat patients. As of Monday 7 November, I will stop doing that, but in the background I will remain active in practice. I continue to perform management tasks, give guest lectures and I remain available for consultations.

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Gertrud Pijnenburg has a master’s in geriatric physiotherapy. Geriatrics is the medical specialism dealing with the challenges of growing old. This goes beyond care for vulnerable people at the end of their lives; a great deal of attention is also paid to the prevention of age-related problems. This prevention focuses on helping patients continue to function independently. As such, geriatric physiotherapy focuses on staying active and covers physical, mental and social well-being.
Gertrud has a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease. She participates in the specialist ParkinsonNet network.
She also treats people with “intermittent claudication” (claudicatio intermittens, or Peripheral Arterial Disease) and the chronic condition “osteoporosis”.
Since the arrival of COVID-19, she has studied extensively the rehabilitation of people who have suffered from the disease, particularly its long-term, poorly understood symptoms. This is known as Long COVID Syndrome, as the symptoms can last for long periods and have physical, mental, cognitive and social consequences.

“Although I have more than 40 years of experience, I still have plenty to learn. I enjoy attending national and international conferences. The knowledge I accumulate will benefit you. I am inspired by our team of younger and older staff. I love sound clinical reasoning, and all my colleagues contribute to this every day. This makes my work very enjoyable.”

Participation: ParkinsonNet, Chronisch ZorgNet, Movement Disorder Society, European Geriatric Medicine Society, KNGF and NVFG.
50+ Fit: 50+ Fit workout at Sportcity Waterlooplein.

Present: Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
Phone: 0206225477
BIG number: 39034706604

Inge Ruijs

Since 1-1-2023 Inge Ruijs is working with us again. More information soon.