Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt is a physiotherapy practice where seven experienced, specialised physiotherapists work together. The combined expertise of Gertrud Pijnenburg, Tanja Lith, Esther Doves, Maaike Butter, Inge Ruys and Marjan Doves allows us to offer a broad range of solutions for your physical problems.

Gertrud Pijnenburg

Gertrud pijnenburg is Master of Science Physiotherapy in Geriatrics. She participates in the specialized networks ParkinsonNet and ClaudicatioNet and is a member of national and international professional associations.

“With more than 40 years of experience I’m still not too old to learn. I like to go to national or international conferences. The knowledge I achieve by attending, is always available for you. I am inspired by our team with young and older colleagues. I love good clinical reasoning and all my colleagues contribute to this professional proces daily. All together my work is difficult but very pleasant.”

Participation: ParkinsonNet, ClaudicatioNet, Movement Disorder Society, European Geriatric Medicine Society, KNGF and NVFG. (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie and Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fysiotherapie in de Geriatrie)

Available: Monday, Thursday, Wednesday morning and Saturday morning.

Phone: 0206225477

Tanja Lith

Except for PhysioTeam Nieuwmarkt Tanja also works in her own practice in IJmuiden. Over the years she has has deepened her knowledge in various domains of physiotherapy: stress-related complaints (Psychosomatic physical therapy);  neck-shoulder-arm problems (for example at musicians); knee disorders.

She is  a member of  ParkinsonNet and is Instructor Fall Prevention. Along with collegue Maaike she provides fall prevention courses, in “Buurtcentrum de Boomsspijker” and in various centers for the elderly.

“As a physical therapist I am passionate and creative. I like to work together with you and with colleagues to achieve good results. I love the challenge to puzzle out a good treatmentplan for you: what suits you, what is the best solution for you, with whom we need to work together? To be good at this I find awesome and exciting. Life long education is important, I think, and that suits my passion for the profession.

Participation: ParkinsonNet, Falls Prevention programs GGD Amsterdam (

Available: Thursday, Wednesday, Friday


Phone: 020-6225477

Esther Doves

Esther Doves graduated in physiotherapy in 2011 and health science in 2013. She also works three days a week with people with non-congenital brain injuries at the Reade rehabilitation centre in Amsterdam. She is a member of the CVA network Amsterdam.

Esther treats people in their own homes if they are insufficiently mobile to attend the practice (see the specialisms/home therapy button). She works in partnership with home care organisations, ergotherapists, GPs and other local healthcare providers. She treats patients on the basis of their needs.

“I’m an enthusiastic and independent practitioner. I examine my own actions critically because I believe it’s important to continuously improve quality. I aim to offer high-quality treatment in close partnership with others. I’m eager to learn and take a proactive approach to the specific issues I face in my work. If I were asked to describe myself in a few key words, I would say: team player, reliable, flexible, driven and empathic.”

Available: Monday and Thursday.
Tel: 06-83776469

Inge Ruys

Inge Ruys is our stand-in since 2008. She has a broad general experience in many different physiotherapy practices, but also outside of the field of physical therapy. She has expertise in Dry Needling, connective tissue massage, medical taping, physical therapy for oncology patients, pilates, sports physiotherapy, ergonomics and haptonomy. Her approach is  holistic, but at the same time very practical.

“In my opinion movement and good care of your body is important for everyone, as for myself as for you. Already for quite a few years I work as a physical therapist, and still I’m curious, I like to learn and I still develop myself. It’s a pleasure to work together with you to achieve something. Together we can not solve all the complaints, but usually there is a lot to be gained, making you feel a lot more comfort.”

Available: Friday; otherwise changing days


Phone: 020-6225477

Maaike Butter

Maaike Butter works since april 2018 in our practice and focuses on General and Sports related Physical Therapy. She is also a certified teacher for the fall prevention course “Otago”. In cooperation with Tanja Lith this course is offered by Maaike in the Boomsspijker.

“I am an enthusiastic young entrepreneur in the field of physical therapy. I myself am sporty and I like to make people enthusiastic for sport. I like to work in a team, such as Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt. It is my goal to be as complete as possible in my care for the patient. For this I find it very important to listen carefully to the patient and work together towards a good result.”

Participation: Otago valpreventieprogramma
Present: Tuesday and Thursday
Phone: 06-46135760

Marjan Doves

Marjan does not threat patients. We consult her in case of complex home care issues. Since graduating as a physiotherapist (1982), Marjan Doves has worked in the elderly care sector. She completed her master’s in geriatric physiotherapy in 2009. She has worked at our practice as a consultant since October 2015. Geriatric physiotherapists specialise in examining and treating elderly people. The objective is to work together to ensure that people are able to do the things they enjoy (again) as quickly and for as long as possible. Although this may not be as easy as before, very often there are areas where improvement is possible.

“I’m enthusiastic and dedicated. Quality and collaboration are very important to me. To this end, I attend courses at home and abroad, I’m a member of the Noord-Holland geriatric physiotherapy network, the NVFG (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Geriatriefysiotherapie, Dutch Geriatric Physiotherapy Association), and I teach students of the Master’s course in Geriatric Physiotherapy at the HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.”

You can contact her via e-mail: or by telephone: 06 – 21690200