Update Covid-19 measures government

On Friday May 1th, the media reported that physiotherapists can get back to work.

This is possible but can only be done under certain conditions.

It is important to know that this is merely a refinement of the generic rules. It is intended for patients who cannot be treated remotely (by video calling) and who are at risk of serious deterioration of daily activities.

For Physioteam Nieuwmarkt, the following applies:

  1. Patient and physiotherapist do not have symptoms such as fever (>/= 38o) shortness of breath, nasal cold, sore throat, coughing, loss of taste or -smell.
  2. In the practice the 1.5m rule always applies.
  3. The physiotherapist wears a mask. This is also mandatory for the patient, if the 1.5m rule is not possible. For example, in case of potential fall risk. 
  4. The practice and the patient are jointly responsible for all hygiene measures

For treatment or questions, please contact us, digitally or by phone.

Warm greeting,

Physioteam Nieuwmarkt, T. 020 6225477;E. fysiotherapeuten@gmail.com