Our treatment fees as of 1 january 2023 Please consult your health insurance policy to see which costs are covered.

Omschrijving Tijd Kosten
Physiotherapy treatment30 minutes € 44,40
Exercise therapy30 minutes € 44,40
Massage30 minutes € 44,40
Home care supplement*€ 22,20
Screening and examination (without referral)45 minutes € 66,60
Intake and examination with referral45 minutes € 66,60
Treatment at home, incl. cycling time*45 minutes€ 66,60
Geriatric physiotherapy€ 52,90
Geriatric Physio at your home€ 73,10
Long session for complex health issues45 minutes€ 66,60
Short report for third parties (ex btw)30 minutes€ 44,40
Extensive report for third parties (ex btw)60 minutes€ 97,00
One-time consultation (including report)90 minutes€ 133,20
Geriatric consultation (without report) 90 minutes€ 133,20
Geriatric consultation (including report) € 186,00

*This rate applies within the postcode area 1011-1012: rates outside this area are available on request. 15 min. estimated cycletime.
70% of the fee for the relevant treatment will be charged in the case of missed appointments.
Our practice works in accordance with the guidelines for physiotherapy of the Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Society (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie (KNGF)).

The rights and obligations of patients at our practice are recorded in the KNGF/NPCF “model agreement for physiotherapists and patients”. Your details will be recorded in our computer system in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Persoons Registratie (WPR)). The privacy regulations apply to all our data.